Dmitriy Katsnelson

Senior Analyst, Wealth Research


Dmitriy is a Senior Analyst and Associate Portfolio Manager within the Equity and Liquid Real Asset groups, with the primary responsibility for researching, selecting, and monitoring liquid real asset and traditional (long-only) domestic micro, small, SMID and mid capitalization equity investment managers. He is also responsible for Exchange Traded Product due diligence. Dmitriy is involved in the asset allocation and portfolio construction processes, and is a member of the Investment Committee and Investment Quality Assurance Committee.

Prior to joining Fortigent Research, Dmitriy was a Senior Operations Analyst with Lydian Wealth Management, where he was responsible for various back-office and technology functions. Prior to Lydian, he held analyst positions with Harley Davidson, Inc. and Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. Dmitriy earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance and International Business from the University of Maryland at College Park.

Dmitriy recently became a father for the first time, and was subsequently introduced to a world of monosyllabic communication. When not reading stories that rhyme with ‘hat’, Dmitriy enjoys reading, traveling, snowboarding and trying to explain the joys of soccer to most, and the beauty of football to his immediate family. You will find Dmitriy in black and purple on Sundays this fall, gloating to his burgundy and gold-clad wife.


“I'll be more enthusiastic about encouraging thinking outside the box when there’s evidence of any thinking going on inside it.”

Terry Pratchett

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